Author Topic: Attempted theft of TD5 90 from Newton - Le - Willows, St Helens, Lancashire  (Read 1150 times)

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Hey all,

Over the last year I have been catching the train from Newton Le Willows station to Manchester for 9-6 work. When I returned to the landy last Friday I found that someone had been in causing the following damage:

  • Bust back door and drivers side lock
  • Smashed steering column
  • Ripped wires from ignition switch
  • Bust ignition barrell

They hadn't removed the steering lock, I assume that was the next move after they got it started. However they didnt get it started due to not being able to find my hidden ign switch (thank god). They had flattened the battery cranking the engine though. To recover the landy I had to smash off the steering lock and hotwire to get it home. I've now replaced and fitted all the replacement parts.

Also I have:

  • Fitted a second hidden switch
  • Installed a Cat1 alarm and immobiser with central locking
  • Purchased an Ardcase pedal lock

Thanks Guys

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Fuel cut off is also a good idea, so even if they beat all that lot it will then conk out on them within a few hundred yards.


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Good to hear that they failed and you've fixed her up and new security in place  ;D

I don't suppose the station had CCTV at all does it ?      Just wondering if the local plod would take a look ?

Map updated to report this location as suspicious activity.