Author Topic: 1000 REWARD!!! White Land Rover 90 CSW with Sunroof STOLEN on 3rd Jan nr YEOVIL  (Read 1206 times)

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My white 1989 Land Rover 90 County Station Wagon registration G106CLJ  was stolen from my driveway at 03-15am on 3rd January 2012 using a dark-blue VW transporter type van.

Please see attached photos.

1000 reward for anyone providing me with info that leads to getting my Landy back safe, regardless of whether thieves are caught or not.

Please  phone me (Chris) on 01935 386040 (work) or phone/text me on 07929 264440 (Orange mobile) or otherwise please report to your local police station  straight away or call the new national police non-emergency number which is "101". I would be grateful if you can please help me to recover my pride and joy which I have owned for more than 12 years, it was my very first car and is sadly missed. Details below.

The vehicle was stolen from just outside Hardington Mandeville in Somerset near Yeovil just off the A30.

There  are numerous UNUSUAL distinguishing features (many of these will have  been changed by now but some tell tale signs will remain) so if someone  tries to sell you a Ninety then please check the following...

Key points

County  Station Wagon in 'Ivory White' with factory fitted SUNROOF (very rare),  a BIG heavy black tubular steel roof-rack with foldable ladder which is  the Bearmach expedition type (probably been removed by now), Large BF  Goodrich Mud/Snow Tyres (size 235/85R16) on White Steel Modular rims.  Both the rear fog lamp and the reverse lamp have been replaced with  non-standard and unusual looking square LED-type lamp clusters. Also The  radiator grille is a non-standard TD5-style replacement which has a  'grill' effect next to each headlamp. The vehicle has sliding rear  windows, rear wash wipe, rear screen heater element in rear window,  Philips Radio/Cassette Player, Chassis welding repairs to rear  crossmember which are clearly visible from rear on close inspection,  also a weld repair to top of front left chassis leg if you can get under  the vehicle. All exterior lamps have just been replaced with new except  for the headlamps which are 10 years old. All mud flaps (front and  rear) are missing/damaged. More info follows...

Additional Detailed Info

The  bottom door seal on the driver's side (RIGHT side) has been newly  riveted and silicon-sealed (the driver's door is difficult to close  because of this). There is a very slight dent to the rear bodywork on  the offside (right hand side) to the right of the door if you look very  closely. The paintwork is very good for the year except for a narrow  strip of clearly noticeable paint missing from just above the front  windscreen (approx two-foot strip of worn paint) and slight bubbling to  rear door area. The vehicle has 3 front seats (unusual) which are grey  cloth trim (middle seat torn with silver duct tape repair) plus two  side-facing rear bench seats. There is obvious paint blistering to both  front doors - the passenger door is worst (top and bottom show  blistering, whilst the driver's door just shows blistering mainly near  the bottom), with slight rot to bottom of doors but otherwise doors are  good and solid. The bulkhead is excellent with no repairs which is  better than any vehicle I have seen of this age. Under the bonnet, the  whole engine bay is in unusually good clean condition with just slight  dints to the underside of the bonnet lid. The power steering unit leaks  fluid from the drop arm. The screen-wash bottle also leaks if filled  above one-third full. The trim under the steering wheel is loose and was  secured with duct tape. Finally, there was an unusual small plastic  union-jack sticker on the rear of the vehicle but that will surely have  been removed now. The seat belts are brand new with just fractional  marks on driver's side seatbelt from being trapped in the door last  week. The facia/trim on the far right hand side of the dash is loose due  to screws not fitting properly. The main gear lever is fitted with a  new and unusual leather-style gaiter (not the standard plastic). There  is a split in the dash trim immediately below the centre of the ash  tray. There is a small dent on the front right (offside) wing and  another small dent on the roof above the driver's door (see photos).

The  vehicle was fitted with a full-wheel DISKLOK security device that was  yellow in colour with obvious signs of usage (paint wear) as it was 10  years old.

The chassis number is SALLDVAB7FA406423 (probably long since grinded-off or replaced with fake ID).

The engine number is 19J39904C (it is the first generation 19J 2.5 Turbo Diesel engine, not the later Tdi).

Please  note that since the photos were taken, the black 'Ottons' wheel cover  is no longer fitted and all mud flaps are now broken/missing as is the  aerial. The front bumper has now been changed to a new MILITARY-type and  the radiator grille is now changed to a new TD5 style. The rear  fog/reverse lights are now square LED lights. It may also now have a  roof rack fitted as mentioned above though probably been removed I  suspect - if so, there will be paint marks left in the gutters as the  nuts/bolts were VERY tightly torqued-up.

NB. The third photo (metallic turquoise Landy) is a stock photo and is only to show you what the roof-rack looks like (it is a Bearmach expedition model, part no. BA123-BM). The 'white' Landy photos are my vehicle, which were taken before I fitted the roof-rack.

Many thanks for your help!
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Re: 1000 REWARD!!! Stolen White Land Rover 90 CSW "G106CLJ" with Sunroof
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Re: 1000 REWARD!!! Stolen White Land Rover 90 CSW "G106CLJ" with Sunroof
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Re: 1000 REWARD!!! Stolen White Land Rover 90 CSW "G106CLJ" with Sunroof
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