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Yorkshire and Humber / Re: Stolen Leeds, Yorkshire area yesterda 01/04/15
« Last post by The Equalizer on April 03, 2015, 01:53:55 PM »
Now were in my neck of the woods , I haven't seen this knocking about but will keep my eyes peeled , Hope they catch the thieving scum . cheers daz ..
Yorkshire and Humber / Stolen Leeds, Yorkshire area yesterda 01/04/15
« Last post by Gradac Camel on April 02, 2015, 01:12:16 PM »
Information from the owner! Will Frankland. He is on the fb Group.

STOLEN again last nigh poor ord lass, defender 110 TD5 YF55 FLC, stolen from garforth Leeds

 Both back wings are dented, got 5 Amber roof lights,snorkle facing the wrong way a winch with no wire on and a sticker on the back saying hauling ass
the first time they did it they disconnected horns for alam and shorted out the indicators then opens the door put there own ECU in broke steering lock then hot wired it
Yorkshire and Humber / Re: STOLEN - 90 HT - C7 LJM - Huddersfield
« Last post by Gradac Camel on April 01, 2015, 02:17:51 PM »
Reported found and returned to owner this date 01/04/2015.

Returned with little damage. Owner doesn't wish to disclose how returned.
Yorkshire and Humber / Stolen - 21.03.2015 - Black 110 XS Station Wagon - Sheffield
« Last post by vjl on March 31, 2015, 06:29:28 PM »
My 110 was stolen from the Malin Bridge area of Sheffield in the early morning of 21.03.2015.

It was a Black 110 Station Wagon XS, 2.4 D (registered in June 2011).

The plate that was on it was VJL6 and was fitted with the standard factory alarm.

With silver wing top checker plates, black sill protector checker plates and an advert for Sheffield Aero Club on the spare wheel.

Fitted with "extender" seat rails on the driver side, sun visor mirrors and the additional TINY glovebox.

Apart from odd scuffs , the rear offside mud flap is bolted to the bodywork with a three inch piece of painted angle iron inside the body - my only repair!
South Yorkshire Police crime reference number: K-26482-2015

Yorkshire and Humber / Re: Attempted Theft 25th Mar 2015 - 2014 Defender 110 - Harthill, S.Yorkshire
« Last post by Party Monkey on March 26, 2015, 11:16:18 AM »
Thanks for posting this heads up.     Good to hear that they didn't get away with her.     

Sadly, as you've only too well discovered, LR factory security on Defenders is not up to much and a decent organised team will have your vehicle away in a couple of minutes.

Once you get her back, please take a look around on here and indeed other forums for the types of security layers you can employ.     There is always a chance that they will have another crack.        The more layers (taking a practicle common sense approach for everyday use), the more they have to overcome.
was alerted to my wifes car alarm going off yesterday at 1.30am - 25.03.15

ran outside to find my recently purchased landrover (14 plate) with bonnet removed, ECU missing, RHS indicator removed with some kind of modified bulb fitted to short the alarm
Driver lock broken, lock barrel removed from column, driverside speaker removed and cable looms disconnected - blocked driveway with my wifes car and locked bonnet away

Security - factory alarm/immobiliser (now realise this is totally inadequate after reading the forums and seeing how quickly/easily they got round these)

internal clock stopped at 1.10am, disturbed them at about 1.30am

Car has now been recovered by landrover - apparently they were minutes away from driving off with it, gang of possibly 3-4 and knew what they were doing

Police been round and finger printed nothing as used gloves

[Edit : Database updated]
North East / Re: STOLEN - 90 HT - N426 FTU - Hamsterley Mill, County Durham
« Last post by Party Monkey on March 26, 2015, 08:35:32 AM »
Can see why your confused Rog....

Can we be sure they're the same truck ?   ... White roof gone in second pic and now an HT not SW...

Appreciate owner might have modded the truck big style but then the old photo is pretty bl**dy useless if it doesn't show the vehicle as it is currently...

Have updated the records but not completely convinced TBH
:( :(

I'm sure I've seen that 90 on Def2 forum before.
Certainly has a familiarity about it Jon...  8)

Owner has updated FB Group to inform us a DiskLok was fitted...  ;)

^^^ [ Ta - records udpated accordingly]
South West / STOLEN - 90 - N208 DYA - East Pennard, Shepton Mallett, Somerset
« Last post by Venomator on March 25, 2015, 08:44:54 PM »
Shared to LW FB Group by James Pitman shared Rebecca Hunt's post.
25th March 2015

Rebecca Hunt‎Buy, sell, or swap langport
Please spread the word and fast we want it viral and we want it back!
LAND ROVER DEFENDER 90 STOLEN FROM A FARM IN EAST PENNARD SOMERSET. Between 9pm and 3am. 25th March. Reg N208 DYA. Green rather dirty . Hope this is ok to post but sharing far and wide is the best chance of getting the old Landy back home! If any info please pm me! Thanks

No photographs or further information as yet... 8)

[Edit : Database updated]
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