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Hi Party Monkey

I've looked at a lot of security ideas and will probably incorporate some of them.

I'm a Sparks by trade so I've a few ideas about adapting some electrical ideas to make some sort of hy-brid security device around the vehicle/immediate area and the replacement will be having a top notch alarm/tracker, a disc lock and I cant make me mind up about the Yanchor.

But if all else fails the wife went out yesterday and returned with a very large rotweiller cross bull mastif and that will be the Landy's guard dog, the idea is to let it run free in the compound we are creating to keep the new one.

If I get the oppotunity to confront them I'll introduce them to the inside of a cartridge or two.


Green Defender 130 Double Cab Pickup with Ivor Williams Top

Between midnight and 7 am on the 18th March 2012

Stolen from Mildenhall Suffolk

running with a 2.5 TDi

Reg H652 OEV

VIN/Chassis No. SALLDKAF7HA900407

Engine No. 11L06158A

The Vehicle had a Stop Lock Steering lock

It has a set of black Tree/Rock Sliders, Ivor Williams silver Top & spare wheel on the bonet. I dont have any pictures of her with the Ivor on.

Suffolk police have been informed and the crime number is 64/18march2012

The back is full of horse tack ie. saddles, briddles, and lots of associated items as we where off to a pony event today so also have 5 very upset females.

I know the chances of seeing her again are very slim but you got to have hope.

My Phone number is 07881 803025

[Edit : Database updated]

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