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Well it's been found, but it's not in a good state...

Police located it and ID'd it at 1pm today in Surrey - I have to arrange the insurance co to collect it though because of where it is, the Police recovery team can't get to it

South East / Re: stolen defender
« on: January 16, 2012, 05:00:57 PM »
Wow - that's fantastic news!  Still no news about my Disco that was taken - 2 weeks tomorrow, even less chance of it turning up I guess :(

From the rear without the tubular bumper

From the front (on the left with the tubular bumper and A-bar

- Stolen 3rd Jan 2012 - between 18:00 and 19:45 (was flagged on a traffic camera 2 mins from home at 19:47)

- From Pound Hill, Crawley, West Sussex

- Green Discovery 300tdi

- Reg M473 XJO

- Don't have the Chassis/VIN number on me - will add later

- Don't have the Engine number on me - will add later

- Sadly only standard 300tdi security

- Insa Turbo Special Track 235/85/16 on standard black Disco steels
- Tubular non winch front bumper
- Tubular rear bumper (did have an Insideout4x4 sticker on it)
- Steering guard
- Forged Jate rings on the rear
- 2 inch lift (yellow springs)
- Rear disclocation cones (new - only been out once since fitting)
- Large CRAWLEY 4X4 sticker in rear screen also small yellow Crawley Happy Times stickers x2

- Sussex police are dealing with this - ref WR2-00192312

- Please message me if you see or hear of it, or are offered any of the above parts


Edit : Database updated

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